Danish English is a new social shopping community for you and your friends

it helps you find, trend, and share products you love.

At we help each other on what to buy.

Let trendsetters show you what products are hot or ask the community/your friends whether you should buy a product or not.

With you can now shop alone at a webshop or in your favorite mall, with a whole community helping you to get the best new products.

Social shopping

All this can be done simply by choosing whether the product you upload should be added to the "Should I buy this" or "Trend this" section of the site.

Should I buy this
If you choose "should I buy this" you´ll get help on whether you should buy the product or not. Whether you should buy a product or not is very different from person to person, this is why your profile text and images is important for others.

Trend this
If you know a lot about gadgets, fashion or other products you can show the world what´s cool by being a trendsetter and share the latest hot products.